International English Summer School 2018


Time and Place

  • From 25.06.2018  to 06.07.2018 (every day 8 academic hours, 8.30-11.20 and 12.10-15.00) Liepaja, Latvia
  • From 29.07.2018  to 10.08.2018 ( every day 8 academic hours), Palace of Dundaga, Dundaga, Latvia

Target group

Adults and teenagers from the age of 14 with background knowledge in English (elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate / upper intermediate level).


Multiform English lessons in small groups under the supervision of a high-level professional teachers (every day 8 academic hours) are planned within the framework of the school.

In the morning will be lessons (4 academic hours) for full range of language competences (speaking, reading, listening, writing), in the afternoon – first lesson will be for the grammar (2 academic hours) and second lesson for the discussion (2 academic hours).

Program: here

Participation fees

ESS in Liepaja:

248,00 EUR (if registering after 01.06.2018)

Participation fee includes lessons and learning materials, tea and coffee; accommodation is not included in the fee.

Participation fees

ESS in Dundaga:

448,00 EUR (if registering after 01.06.2018)

Participation fee includes lessons and learning materials, tea and coffee; accommodation is included in the fee.


Client’s discount: 10% to present and former participants of courses at “PURE Academy” (studied with us for at least 5 months)

15% to participants of previous English summer schools arranged by “PURE Academy”

Family discount: 20% to members of one family

Volume discount:

10% when two persons register together

15% when three persons register together

Take into account – discounts don’t sum up!

Payment procedure

50% of the membership fee must be payed until the date, when the relevant fee is valid. Remaining fee – no later than one week before course starts.

If, after making the payment, you change your mind and decide not to participate in the studies, please inform us to 01.06.2018.  After 01.06.2018 the received sums are not repaid.

Registration form: here


In the end – certificate attesting the level of the obtained knowledge!

Additional information and registration:

phone +371 26354505, e-mail:,


5 komentāri

Roberts saka:

Vai abās no vasaras nometnēm tiks izdalītas vairākas līmeņu grupas? Cik ir maksimālais dalībnieku skaits grupā?

PURE Academy saka:

Labdien! Dalībnieki tiks sadalīti grupās pēc zināšanu līmeņiem. Grupas neplānojam lielas. Mūsu telpās maksimālais dalībnieku skaits – 12.

Sandra saka:

Vai angļu valodas vasaras skolā Liepājā nodarbības notiks darbadienās vai arī brīvdienās?

Sandra saka:

Paldies,viss skaidrs,vēlreiz iepazīstoties ar info.

PURE Academy saka:

Nodarbības notiks tikai darba dienās.